You would think being a member of Fleetwood Mac would mean that you could buy pretty much any boat you wanted. But according to one Massachusetts man, his recent arrest for the theft of a ferry is all Stevie Nicks' fault.

Raw Story reports that the man, 62-year-old Samuel LeClair, is accused of untying a 68-foot ferry from its moorings and setting off into Boston Harbor on Dec. 25, 2012. According to authorities, when the drifting ship was boarded by law enforcement, officers found a "disheveled and uncooperative" LeClair, who told them that Nicks -- who he claimed was his girlfriend -- had made him ship captain and told him to take the boat.

After a presumably thorough search, the District Attorney's office claims that "police did not locate the iconic singer-songwriter or any other person on board." Somewhat surprisingly, LeClair has been deemed mentally competent to stand trial and released on bail, although the judge has already warned him to "avoid the harbor and not board any watercraft."

Nicks, who has repeatedly expressed her belief in magic and could potentially have used an enchanted scarf to teleport off the boat and avoid capture, has not been reached for comment.

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