An RN at St. Mary's shared an inspiring picture of signs at the employee entrance. It was the right motivation at the right time amid the coronavirus pandemic.

An employee at St. Mary's Medical Center (who asked to remain anonymous) has shared a picture of inspirational signs that were posted at the employee entrance. The signs say things like 'you're the best!' and 'superheroes' and 'we love you.'

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The RN didn't know who posted the motivating posters, but they said it warmed their heart for sure. They said that the main entrance of the hospital is currently closed and that this was at the employee entrance at St. Mary's.

They said that doesn't directly care for COVID-19 patients and they've been at St. Mary's for less than a year. Although the RN doesn't care for coronavirus patients, they have been trained to assistant with ventilators in preparation.

The RN stated that they don't feel like the hero and that the ICU nurses, isolation department nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, and environmental service times are the ones on the line day in and day out. They said that these people are remarkable and that we owe them all the gratitude.

We asked them if they had anything else to share with us and they said this:

Don't think you're the exception. We have an incredible community here, I've seen so much good and support from so many. Now more than ever is the time to be selfless, and we can do so by using wisdom to stay put and keep others and those who can't, safe.

We're happy that employees of St. Mary's have found some solace in the poster at the employee entrance.

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