A prominent building in Ouray, Colorado gained public notoriety when it served as the backdrop for several scenes in the 1969 version of "True Grit" starring John Wayne, but that's not the only reason this location has received attention over the years.

Located at 541 Fourth Street, the Ouray County Courthouse was originally built in 1888. The courthouse received a renovation in 1976 when an extension was added that became the jail for a while, but other than that, much of the county facility remains the same as when it was first constructed over 130 years ago.

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But it's not just the bright red, brick structure that's stuck in time – the spirit of a woman from the early 19th century is said to haunt these halls of justice.

The spooky stories that have been retold about encounters with this ghostly gal are enough to give anyone goosebumps. Both courthouse employees and random visitors have experienced eerie, unexplained activity inside the building's walls, but it's mostly men that have felt the female ghost's paranormal presence.

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On one occasion, a male employee was working late at night inside the courthouse when he alleged that a woman dressed in early 19th-century style clothing approached him in the hallway and introduced herself as Sally Beaudreau. However, according to Haunted Colorado, when the man went to shake Sally's hand, no one was there.

Other employees have attested to hearing weird noises, but for the most part, say they are unbothered with the thought of the building being haunted.

Paranormal researchers have set up cameras and audio during the nighttime, in hopes of capturing evidence of the lingering spirit, or spirits, but it doesn't appear that their findings have ever been released.

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