If you answer the phone or listen to the message left on your voicemail, you may be informed your Social Security number has been compromised and you need to take action quickly.

I'm skeptical of of all of these calls, which can drive legitimate callers bonkers because I may subject them to something approaching an interrogation before discussing personal business.

But, when I received two voicemail messages with the same basic message within hours of each other, I got curious enough to see what the messages were all about.

Both of the calls came from the same number, 681-299-0801, were prerecorded, contained similar messages, and were from two different people who, remarkably, sounded exactly the same. Every single one of those things screams scam.

An internet search confirmed my suspicion that calls from the number are indeed fraudulent. Your social security number has not been frozen, you don't need to call back and talk to the paralegal assigned to your case, and your assets will not be frozen or forfeited.

If you feel, for whatever reason, a call like this may for real, do yourself a favor and make your first call to the Grand Junction Police Department 970-242-6707 or the Mesa County Sheriff's Office 970-244-3500. If you live outside the Grand Junction area, call the law enforcement agency in your town.

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