Fighting mosquitos one door at a time is apparently not the way the city of Grand Junction does business.

There was a report on social media in recent days about a man going door to door in Grand Junction, claiming to be with mosquito control and looking for mosquitoes. It's kind of like the Ghostbusters coming to your door wanting to check your house for ghosts. The guy asks the homeowner if he can check their property.

Apparently, a resident called the police to verify the man's legitimacy and the city says they have no mosquito control workers assigned to do this now.

What the man's intentions were exactly nobody knows for sure, but chances are they weren't good. The man was described as a 30-year-old white male wearing khakis and a khaki bucket hat.

Fruita is a different story.  Representatives of the Grand River Mosquito Control District have, in fact, been going door to door recently encouraging residents to check backyards for mosquitoes. However, they have not been doing this in Grand Junction.

There has been a large concentration of mosquitos in the Fruita area and there has been at least one confirmed case of West Nile Virus in Mesa County.

If you get a guy coming to your door checking for mosquitoes, tell him to come back in the spring. If it seems suspicious go ahead and call the police. It might be legitimate and it might not. Just be cautious.

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