Over 60 Denver Public Work Drivers competed this week in the 31st annual "Snow Road-eo."

Thank goodness it's not currently snowing, but it's nice to know even without snow snowplow drivers in Colorado continue to better their skills and work on situations that occur while on the road.

Obstacle courses that represent the same type of conditions in the winter are set-up for drives to strut their skills.

Once the competition ends drivers lacking in certain areas realize where they need practice and what they need to improve in.

Winners of the "snow road-eo" move on to the national competition in September in Loveland's Western Snow and Conference.

Winter doesn't care about drivers on the road, nor does it care about our safety and unfortunately winter seems to be getting more intense each year.

These drivers are awesome and I'm thankful they have the skills they do. Keep on strutting what y'all got to keep the roads safe.


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