Smoke-jumpers are some of the bravest and best-trained firefighters on the planet.

Jumping into a fire isn't something the ordinary person would ever consider doing, yet these brave men and women travel across the country to fight fires and save lives.

Started in 1939, the idea was to parachute firefighters ahead of the blaze with enough provisions to fight the fire for 48 hours.

There are 430 smoke-jumpers working in the U.S., from bases in Idaho, California, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. Additionally, the Bureau of Land Management has two smoke-jumper bases, one in Alaska and one in Idaho.

In order to become a smoke-jumper, you have to be in excellent physical condition, have excellent health and experience in fighting fires as well as emotionally stable and alert.

The level of dedication and fearlessness one would need to be a smoke-jumper is one of the things that sets these firefighters apart. When the smoke-jumpers are on the scene, you know it's a serious issue. And you know that they have the right people on the job.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to smoke-jumpers for keeping us, our homes and our land safe.

If you would like to apply to be a smoke-jumper, make sure you're ready for the training!

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