It's a question worth pondering - should you be driving toward a tornado or away from it?

This tornado touched down Monday near Grover, Colorado, located in northeast Colorado, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

YouTuber Adam Lucio was fortunate enough to capture the twister on video, however, I have to admit I watched with a bit of apprehension as it appeared his vehicle began moving toward the tornado.

I suppose that's what real-life storm chasers do, and I don't know if Adam is one of those wild and crazy daredevils, but it certainly appears that way.

While I would love to personally capture a twister on video, I'm pretty sure that my vehicle would not be moving closer to it. Call me chicken, but I would say a live chicken is better than a dead duck.

Still, I want to say thanks to Adam for giving us a great glimpse of one of Mother Nature's great wonders.

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