Well here is an interesting twist on a robbery. Imagine if someone breaking into your home, ties you up and robs you. That happened to someone in Colorado and he may be the one getting in trouble.

According to ABC News Denver, a homeowner shot a man who broke into his home, tied him up, and then robbed him after responding to a Craigslist ad. Now the homeowner may be up on charges for shooting him.

The accused robber died after he crashed his car into a nearby home after being shot.

The  "Make My Day" law in Colorado states that a homeowner is able to shoot an intruder who enters their home. However, there are guidelines for this law.
David Beller, who is a legal analyst for Channel 7 News states that:
"It does not include the porch, the yard, the driveway, the street outside. The crime must be happening inside the four walls of the victim's home" "You can't take the law into your own hands. And if the homeowner in this situation was no longer in danger, you're not allowed to take a life,"
So the victim in this case (the homeowner)  could be charged as a criminal.
Colorado's law is very unique, as you do not have to give a warning before shooting an intruder.

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