It's been 20 years that Columbine High School experienced an awful deadly shooting and now Jefferson County School District might see a different future for Columbine.

Over 7,000 people responded to a survey about destroying Columbine High School and rebuilding it.

This is where my youngest son goes to school and I understand that there are still numerous folks obsessed with trying to repeat, or see where it all happened, or they feel some kind of connection to the school.

In my opinion, I don't think it should be torn down. I did have friends that died that day. Thinking about it chokes me up, but I don't think that will solve anything.

I personally believe demolishing the school empowers those that are evil -those that took pleasure and those that still want to take pleasure in hurting and killing others

My son and his friends are devasted to hear that it may be ruined. They are proud of their school. It's an honor to walk in the building knowing you're a rebel.

That day will never be erased from my mind but the enemy wanted to destroy people that horrific day and that building is still standing just like the community is.

The kids are still fighting a battle that takes a lot of heart, courage, and strength to be brave and face the past.

Knocking down the school doesn't change what happened. "We Are Columbine" a new building will never change that.

Results of the survey should be known by the middle of next month. My prayer is that we stand up for our school or community and stay strong.

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