So far, seven states have said no to accepting Syrian refugees. Should Colorado be #8?

The governors of five states have said they would not allow Syrian refugees to settle in their state. That means Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas have now aligned themselves with Alabama and Michigan in refusing Syrian refugees.

The governors are reportedly ordering their  state departments of health and human services to stop working with Syrian refugees.

Will other states follow? Should Colorado join the stand?

Obviously, there is much concern in the nation about refugees in light of information that came out of the attacks on Paris. That concern has not come from the White House, but rather from the American people and a number of U.S. governors.

According to a Reuters news report on Yahoo, Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote a letter to President Barack Obama stating "Texas can not participate in any program in any program that will result in Syrian refugees, saying nobody can "guarantee" Syrian refugees will not engage in terrorist activity.

The question, of course, is do individual states have any say in where Syrian refugees end up? Do states have any right to deny the presence of refugees? Are these refugees a threat to our security and safety?

Those questions remain to be answered, but for now, many states are ringing the bell of alarm in their quest to keep their residents safe. The other question to be answered is will anyone in a position of authority respond to the alarm or will it fall on deaf ears?