Whether you are Christmas shopping for yourself or for the golf fanatic on  your list, you will find some cool ways to spend $200 at Hammonds Golf in downtown Grand Junction. Here are some suggestions on how to spend $200 on some fun golf stuff!

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    Golf Clubs

    (Zane Mathews)

    What better to buy at a golf store than golf clubs - and when you are trying to stretch your dollars getting them at a discount. Check out the bin of new clubs including drivers, woods, and hybrids.

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    (Zane Mathews)

    There's a wide variety of golf  bags to choose from, whether you want the fully loaded variety, or a lighter model for easy carrying. And at 30% off, these quality bags are a great bargain.

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    (Zane Mathews)

    Let's face it, golf apparel is not cheap, so anytime you can find top-quality items at a discounted price you should take advantage of it. There's a wide variety of apparel items for both women and men.

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    Push Cart

    (Zane Mathews)

    Sure, you can get a push cart for under $100, but what you get is a push cart that performs like it cost under $100. It you do a lot of walking and use a push cart, it's well worth the $179.99 to get one that is going to be durable, versatile, and stylish. They have several colors to choose from.

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    Iron Sets

    (Zane Mathews)

    So you may not get a top-quality name brand set of irons for under $200, but $200 could get you at least half way there. And with so many to choose from, you can find the set that feels right for you.

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    (Zane Mathews)

    When it comes to putters,  you can certainly  find good, quality putters for under $200. If you want to spend more, there are options above $200, but plenty of others that will keep you in the ball park- and  you can try them out right there in the store!

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    Putting System

    (Zane Mathews)

    Winter is coming, and outdoor practice opportunities are getting limited. Hone  your putting skills this winter with this Putting System with a 9'putting green and electric automatic ball return. The improvement you see in  your putting after three months with this thing in your living room will be more than worth the $49.99 price tag. (tell your wife it will be gone as soon as Spring arrives....)