If you are looking for some really cool toys this year, be sure and check out Toys For the Fun of It, in downtown Grand Junction. From classic toys that have been around forever, to the latest innovations, they have a huge selection. I was down there recently and came up with my list of 10 of the coolest toys at Toys For the Fun of It.


  • 1

    Turbo Twister

    (Zane Mathews)

    The Turbo Twister takes remote control vehicles to an entirely new level as it does spinning and tumbling stunts.

  • 2

    Silver Race Car

    (Zane Mathews)

    This mini-Roadster looking car just looks entirely cool.

  • 3


    (Zane Mathews)

    One of the classic toys that are still around. What great memories it brings back, creating the coolest of designs, even for those of us who have zero artistic ability.

  • 4

    Scope Constructor

    (Zane Mathews)

    Who says toys that are educational can't be fun. Kids with interests in science can build micro scopes and telescopes with this. I don't think we had this 40 years ago.

  • 5

    Plasma Car

    (Zane Mathews)

    The Plasma Car is the most fun a kid can have without a drivers license. You just turn the steering wheel and away you go. Holds 160 pounds.

  • 6


    (Zane Mathews)

    This is another one of those toys that provides great mental stimulation for youngsters with 100 challenging barriers. This is perfect for kids who like to think--ages 6 and up.

  • 7

    Laser Maze

    (Zane Mathews)

    This is a thinker's game that is lots of fun. You manipulate the beam to hit the targets. Who knew thinking could be so much fun?

  • 8

    Doll House

    (Zane Mathews)

    Here's something more traditional and a true classic...and it's on special for $119, including the family, now sale priced at just $79.

  • 9

    Doink It Darts

    (Zane Mathews)

    You could keep the kids occupied for hours with this dart board --and you don't have to worry about someone getting their eye poked out. The magnetic darts are safe, fun, and challenging.

  • 10

    Ant Farm

    (Zane Mathews)

    Here's another classic. Who didn't have an ant farm when they were growing up! Believe it or not, they still make them!