I love a good internet rumor. One quietly broke out over the weekend and hasn't completely caught fire just yet, which is to say nobody like Adam Schefter has tweeted about it - which would most likely make it true - and no big NFL outlet like ProFootballTalk has covered it yet. And I'd think they would have by now, for sure.

This isn't to say it isn't true, because quite a few people have still tweeted about it or posted on Reddit, and some do claim to have "confirmed" it. It may actually be true.

Or it may actually not be true.

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But allegedly, over the weekend at Arrowhead Golf Course in Littleton, Wilson flipped a golf cart into a bunker. Which, let's be honest, could there BE the worst name for a course where Russell Wilson would flip a golf cart into a bunker? I don't think so.

For the non-football fan, "Arrowhead" is the name of the home stadium in Kansas City where the Broncos dreaded rival Chiefs play.

And for the football fan in the know, am I right? The captions out there are brutal. Like "Russ already taking an early L at Arrowhead before training camp even starts." Ouch.

Then there's this nugget, cashing in on his cheesy "Let's Ride" catchphrase from last season, with the pic included.

This story is obviously still developing, but even if it is actually true, apparently he was not hurt. Which I think we can all agree would be far worse than the damage to his dignity for crashing a cart into a bunker.

So what's the deal - did he actually flip a cart into a bunker or not? I'm inclined to believe that it is NOT true, otherwise, he would have at least had a few jabs thrown at him by the likes of Pat McAfee by now. Or at least a blurb on Sportscenter.

But maybe Sean Payton isn't just a solid head coach hire, maybe he's a bit of a fixer that makes these kinds of things go away! He also knows his way around a golf course, for what it's worth.

True or not true... we'll just have to wait to see!

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