Once upon a time, there was a man who co-created a greeting card company and later sold that company for about $100,000.000. He's taken his fortune to create golf destinations in America that are "the way golf was meant to be."

Technically, it's that man's sons who are coming to create a golf destination in Weld County. Where? If you squint really hard, it might remind you of Ireland. This golf course will be in a very sparse area of Weld County. Will it attract the golfers they think it will?

Mike Keiser and Phil Friedman created the Recycled Paper Greeting Card company in 1971. They printed greeting cards on recycled paper. That company was huge; American Greetings can attest to that, as they bought out Recycled Paper in 2009, making Mike Keiser a wealthy man.


Keiser took that money and began a new venture, golf resorts. His company is called Dream Golf. The premise is, that these courses that they develop are courses that take you back to the dream of golf at its beginning, in Ireland and Scotland. The courses he and his company have created get back to the basics of the game. No carts; no frills; just you, a caddy, and some links.

Sons of Mike, Michael, and Chris have also created courses/resorts under the Dream Golf umbrella, with their latest, according to 9News, coming to Roggen, Colorado. This resort will be called Rodeo Dunes.

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From their website:

This is a place where the best features of the rugged Irish links blend with the mystique and romance of the American West, on the vast plains of Colorado.


Legendary pro golfer Ben Crenshaw is one of the architects of the initial course coming in. There will be two courses to start off with at Rodeo Dunes, with room for six courses.

From the architect team:

This property has sand, open expanses, good terrain, and intriguing green sites—the fundamentals of holes that stand up over time.

That does sound like rural Weld County, no question. But, does it sound like Ireland? I don't know, but Michael Keiser really thinks so:

If it weren't for the mountain range in the background, this site could very easily be mistaken for one in Ireland.

According to 9News, the course is expected to be ready for the 2025 golf season. Will this resort see hotels, restaurants, and other new businesses coming to Roggen? Roggen could see some major changes coming with this "low-key" golf resort.

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