Driving through the majestic Rocky Mountains I always miss the cool stuff, scenery wise.

But on this trip, I got to be a passenger and enjoyed some wonderful views I don't normally see. Take a look at what I was able to get on the trip to Denver. I will have more when I come back!

Once upon a time, mining was big in Colorado. Mining for gold, silver and more. But as the mines became tapped out, many of the structures remained. There are still active mines in Colorado.

On a nice 68 degree day, looking up and seeing the snow-capped top of Sopris Mountain reminded me that the beauty of this state rises above all others. High-speed photography is difficult at best, but I think I captured the mountains and the snow-covered Lake Dillon pretty well!

I was happy to see no weather issues, as I went with my son and who wants to miss out on important moments by worrying about the weather? Nevertheless, the snow was evident all around us, just up on the mountains where I like it.

I hope you enjoyed this brief but beautiful tour of the Colorado Rockies.


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