Most road rage includes one or more of the following; words, gestures and overly aggressive driving. An incident in Grand Junction was that and a whole lot more.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office reports at least one man was enraged enough his road rage merited arrest.

Sheriff's Deputies responded to a disturbance on Sunday (March 19) at the intersection of TZ Trail and B Roads.

According to the victims, they were being chased and possibly shot at by men on motorcycles. The victims said the motorcyclists started hitting and damaging their vehicle with chains while they were stopped at the intersection. They also believe they heard gunshots.

Sheriff's Deputies say the motorcyclists reportedly became angry after thinking the victim's car had cut them off.

After talking to those involved, Deputies arrested 37-year-old Rodney Ball of Austin, Colo. Ball faces felony charges of two counts of Criminal Attempt of Assault in the First Degree, two counts of Menacing, and a count of Criminal Attempt of Illegal Discharge of a Firearm. Ball's actions also merit a Crime of Violence charge.

Ball was taken to the Mesa County Detention Facility and was being held on a $25,000 bond.

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