A 20-year-old Colorado woman is recovering after she was shot in the face. Karen Escamilla was shot by a 16-year-old during a road rage incident.

Karen Escamilla was in a terrible road rage incident in October and it's changed everything. A 16-year-old pulled out a gun and shot her in the face during the incident. The bullet thankfully didn't kill her, but went through her cheek and got caught in her sinuses, according to WTOC.

Karen's family says that this was a miracle. Now because of this road rage incident, everything is different for Karen. She says the way she wakes up, how she talks, how she eats -- it's all changed.

Her jaw was shattered in seven places and her mouth is currently wired shut. According to WTOC, some of those wires will be in her mouth for another four months. Since Karen's jaw is shattered she has to wait before she has any surgery.

Despite everything she's been through, this brave woman is still optimistic. Karen says that:

This is not who I am. I'll be normal again, and that's what I'm hoping for is that I can put this behind me and move on from something so tragic.

Certain things will not be covered by Karen's insurance, which is why Karen's boyfriend has started a GoFundMe for her. Their main focus is Karen's recovery, as it should be. You can find Karen's GoFundMe account here.

According to WTOC, the 16-year-old who shot Karen in the face has been arrested and is facing numerous charges, including attempted murder.

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