Look who's been hiking in Colorado! It's Ringo Starr! But where is he?

The 77- year-old former Beatle posted this photo on Twitter, leaving us to wonder where Ringo's hiking trail is. Not that we are going to try and snag an autograph or anything, but it might be fun to try and figure out Ringo's location at the time of this photo.

Let's look at the clues.

The first thing we notice is hills.This could mean foothills, not eastern plains.

Notice the time stamp on the post and the position of Ringo's shadow. Considering the time of day, it appears that Ringo is facing west with no mountains in the background. That would lead me to believe he's not on the western slope.

You can see what looks like a bridge - which could be just about anywhere, but maybe it looks familiar.

Based upon the number of power lines, I would surmise that this is not a secluded area. Probably near a small mountain town or an area with a lot of houses near by.

Take a close look at the photo and see if you can discover any other clues concerning Ringo's whereabouts.

Of course, we all know that Colorado has great hiking trails. What other possible reason could there be for Ringo to be visiting the mile high state?


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