A restaurant in Rifle opened without having permission from the government recently. Now the restaurant received a cease and desist order but remains open.

The owner of Shooters Grill in Rifle believes that if salons or big-box stores can be open, so should her restaurant. Lauren Boebert recently opened up her restaurant in Rifle, without permission from the government, and is also running for Congress.

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The restaurant is open for dine-in service, according to KKCO, although Garfield County has not approved this yet. The restaurant is only supposed to do curbside service and delivery. Lauren believes that the rules are arbitrary and unconstitutional.

Lauren Boebert, the owner of Shooters Grill, was served a cease and desist order on Tuesday afternoon, May 12. According to KKCO, she continued to serve customers that night, and the next night. On Wednesday Lauren received a temporary restraining order.

According to KKCO, when Lauren received the temporary restraining order, customers inside the restaurant were able to finish their food, but no additional customers could come in.

The restraining order allows Shooters Grill to provide curbside service and takeout service. The restraining order is in effect until May 18, which is when a hearing is scheduled according to KKCO.

Lauren is running for congress because she doesn't believe the government is standing up for her or the citizens they represent. On her Twitter, she stated that she's not waiting on the government to tell her what to do, and 'if you want freedom, you have to go out and take it.'

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