District 51 has announced that remote learning in Mesa County will end on May 14.

District 51 students have been learning from home for almost two months now, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The district originally announced that schools would be closed starting March 18 through April 10, which was extended.

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According to District 51's website, a letter was sent to all District 51 parents about the end or remote learning, picking up belongings as well as graduation dates. Here's what Superindentent Dr. Diana Sirko said in the letter:

As you may have heard from your principals, the last day of remote learning lessons will be Thursday, May 14. This will give students time to finish all lessons and projects and get them turned in to teachers before grades are due.

The letter from District 51's Superindentent went on to say that following May 14, families and staff will be able to 'clear out desks, lockers, and materials, depending on grade level, pick up any medications that may still be at school, and return Chromebooks.'

The letter also stated that schools will contact families about checkout procedures and provided a link to District 51 graduation dates. According to District 51's website, Superintendent Dr. Diana Sirko stated this in the letter:

Hang in there everyone! You are in the home stretch for the school year, so continue with your exemplary work adapting to a difficult situation and take great pride in your efforts as a family. We thank you for your support and dedication as parents, guardians, and students!

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