When our resident computer and digital genius Tim approached me about building a viewer for Thursday's (October 23) solar eclipse, I had visions of something NASA would construct. What we ended up with was completely redneck -- but it worked!

The photo is of our actual scientific apparatus. And yes, it's nothing but some cardboard, foil, duct tape and rickety ladder attached to the railing out the back door of the studio.

This video shows how we constructed a solar eclipse viewer that's so incredibly complex it would take an elementary school student less than 10 minutes to build it.

To make things even more challenging, we decided to use the time-lapse feature in our brand new -- nobody really knows how to use yet -- GoPro camera.

There were two things we didn't think about. Not being scientists, we failed to take into account the earth rotates and having a fixed viewer wasn't one of the best ideas. We had to keep adjusting it.

We also didn't have the GoPro battery fully charged, so our time-lapse filming was short lived, but here's video proof our redneck solar eclipse viewing station really worked!

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