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Earlier today, the Aurora City Council voted 8-2 to approve a new measure that would allow recreational marijuana to be delivered to customers next year. There is also a similar measure in place to allow similar services in the city of Denver.

While the delivery of medical marijuana is legal in Longmont, Superior, and Boulder, Colorado, no cities currently allow the delivery of marijuana for recreational use.

However, the services won't be available to everyone, but instead a small group of people known as "social equity" applicants. The Denver Channel describes those eligible for recreational marijuana as such:

People who have been arrested or convicted on marijuana-related charges or have been impacted by marijuana investigations. Social equity applicants also include people who have lived in an economic opportunity zone for at least 15 years or someone with a household income below 50% of the state median.

The issue was first voted on last year and was passed by Colorado lawmakers to begin in 2021. However, Denver and Aurora are the first two cities to independently vote on the issue and, it would seem, will be ready to implement delivery services by July 1st of next year.

The topic has also been recognized as an issue of racial equality by some, as the executive director of 'The Color of Cannabis,' a group that encourages minorities to get into the marijuana industry touched on the new measure from a racial standpoint. The woman, Sarah Woodson, cited the new legislation as an opportunity for minorities that have been negatively affected by previous marijuana laws.

Aurora's second vote on the topic will be held on December 21st.

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