Everyone knows about the new Buc-ee's travel center currently under construction in Colorado. Did you know another major chain of convenience stores just opened its first Colorado location?

QuikTrip, a Tulsa-based convenience store chain, opened its first Colorado location yesterday, June 16, 2022, at Highway 119 and Interstate 25 in the Denver-area city of Firestone.

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What Is QuikTrip, and Have You Seen One Lately?

QuikTrip operates 944 convenience stores across 16 states, employing more than 24,000 people. According to Tulsa World, QuikTrip is an $11 billion company founded in 1958. No need to run out and buy stock. QuikTrip is a privately held company.

What Are Their Specialties?

QuikTrip's official webpage states, "Made fresh to order food, premium specialty drinks, and tasty frozen treat selections are available at our QT Kitchens® counters each day."

Looking at their menu items, you'll see:


  • biscuits
  • Breakfast Scrambles
  • breakfast tacos
  • croissants
  • grilled cheese


  • cold brew coffee
  • cold brew frappe
  • QT Infusions powered by Red Bull

Frozen Treats

  • Quikshake
  • soft-serve icecream

Grab & Go Items

  • pastry
  • roller grill hot dogs
  • subs
  • wraps
  • classic pretzel
  • parmesan pretzel
  • cinnamon sugar pretzel

Lunch and Dinner

  • BBQ sandwiches
  • mac and cheese
  • tacos
  • personal pizza
  • X-large pizza

How Are Their Gas Prices?

Right here, right now (June 17, 2022), pretty good. Matt Sparx at K99 reports, "Considering that Colorado's average gas prices for regular unleaded have reached an all-time high of $4.90 per gallon, seeing a bit of relief at the pump is a welcomed sight to see in Northern Colorado. It appears that there is a bit of a gas war going on in Firestone."

QuikTrip gas prices in Firestone Colorado
Ryan Harding

I don't know about you, but I'm half tempted to make the 268-mile drive from Grand Junction to Firestone simply so I can say I purchased gas for $3.59.

What's Next For This Convenience Store Chain?

According to K99, the location for the second confirmed QuikTrip will be in Denver at Interstate 70 and Central Park Boulevard.

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