District 60 in Pueblo is among the many other Colorado school districts making the switch to a 4-day school week. The switch from a 5-day school to a 4-day school week will be in August.

D60 is joining many other school districts in Colorado that are currently on a 4-day school week. There are over 90, to be somewhat exact.

Board member Bobby Gonzales is happy that they're making the switch start August 2018. He stated that he 'envisions the switch to the four-day week as a 'new beginning,' with no notable negative impact on students as a result,' according to The Pueblo Cheiftain.

It appears that making the change to a 4-day school week is a lot more efficient when it comes to money. Bobby Gonzales said it could save them $1.4 million -- in one year.

Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso thinks the switch form a five-day school week to a four-day school week is inevitable. Whether the switch was going to be the upcoming school year or the next, the switch was bound to happen.

Over 90 Colorado school districts are operating on a four-day school week. There's four schools here in District 51 on a four-day school week. Will more schools in Mesa County join the numerous Colorado school on a four-day school week?

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