From pop sockets to Crocs to Kong toys, here are products that you may or may not know are made in Colorado.

Colorado has created a lot of great products, from products for your phone, to products for your dog. Here are eight products that you may or may not know are made here in Colorado.

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  • Noosa Yoghurt

    The all-natural, gluten-free Australian style yogurt, isn't made in Australia. It's made in Northern Colorado in Bellevue. The company started at a local Whole Foods, then they got on the shelves at King Soopers and now they're everywhere.

  • Crocs

    Crocs were created by three outdoor lovers from Boulder. They're made to be comfortable no matter what you're doing. The Crocs headquarters is in Broomfield.

  • KONG

    Your dog's favorite toys are from a Colorado company called KONG. KONG is based in Eagle and was established in 1976. The company makes dog toys that made to last and stimulate your doggo.

  • Badfish SUP

    Stand-up paddleboarding is huge in Colorado, which is why it makes sense that Badfish SUP is from Colorado. The company started in 2011 in Salida and they have a whole bunch of different kinds of paddleboards.

  • Leitner-Poma

    Leitner-Poma specializes in ski lifts, gondolas and more. They're located right here in Grand Junction and have been in Colorado since the 1950s.

  • Evol

    Evol foods all started because of a man that loved to make and eat burritos. Evol was founded in Boulder and they make frozen foods with high-quality ingredients. They have all kinds of food from mac and cheese to burritos, of course.

  • Never Summer

    Two brothers started Never Summer in Denver in 1991. The name came from the surrounding mountains that are covered in snow year-round, despite the season. Never Summer now makes snowboards, wakeboards, longboards and more.

  • Popsockets

    Everyone either has or knows someone who has a popsocket on their phone right now. Popsockets made their first popsocket in 2012 and now they're one of the fastest-growing companies out there. The Popsockets headquarters is in Boulder.

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