Nothing says "Snow Day" in Colorado like shoveling your driveway in a pair of shorts and flip flops or getting the family together to build a snowman. We don't get snow days in Western Colorado very often, but at least when we do get them, we do them up right. Here's what was shaking around the valley.

Grand Junction High School's grounds didn't feature so much as a single footprint in the snow. That school hasn't seen so little action since the first day of summer vacation. Even during breaks, the grounds see some use.


Those trucks haven't moved all morning, and they're probably not likely to move all day. Their owner, Bob, is taking the day off.

The Markakis family, including Mom, Dad, and the five kids, had the opportunity to enjoy a rare weekday off as a family. As you can see, a snowman was in order.

Local musician and educator Jack Chipchase couldn't be inconvenienced by pants. This morning he opted to shovel snow in the traditional Western Colorado year-round wardrobe of shorts and flip flops.

Enjoy your snow day. We get them only once every few years. Take the opportunity to have some fun with the kids, or enjoy a much needed day off.