Montrose residents are being warned of a possible phone scam happening in the community.

The Montrose Police Department has received reports of an individual calling Montrose County residents claiming to be Lt. Blaine Hall with the Montrose County Sheriff's Office. The person is requesting an immediate callback, though it's not known what the intent is. He definitely is not with the sheriff's office.

Residents are being warned by the Montrose Police Department that this is a fraud/scam. If you get one of these calls, authorities advise you to not call the person back. However, they say you should contact local authorities at 970-249-9110.

It can be difficult to know when fraudulent activity is taking place, but it's always a good idea to be cautious when you get a knock on the door or a random phone call from a stranger. Whatever you do, never give out personal information over the phone number such as a credit card number of bank account information.

It's nice to have a heads up from authorities when there is suspected fraudulent activity taking place in the area. While these reports were coming specifically from Montrose, this sort of scam could happen in any western Colorado community, so be alert.

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