He's a special dog, but he probably doesn't realize it.

Tigo is a K-9 with the Montrose County Sheriff's Office and he has just received two official certifications. Along with his handler, Sgt. Chuck Searcy, Tigo has earned national certification for both narcotics and tracking.

Montrose County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Tigo went to work for the Montrose County Sheriff's office in 2019. About a week after joining the K-9 unit, Tigo was a hero. There had been a report given to the Montrose County Sheriff's Department that a woman had been suffering from a mental health episode. Family members of the woman were reportedly concerned that she was going to take her life and had thought she might have overdosed on pills before taking off.

Tigo who is a Belgian shepherd has been trained in narcotics detection and tracking. Sgt. Chuck Searcy works with Tigo and stated that "Tigo did a fine job with his first big assignment. Searcy said "if it weren't for Tigo they may not have found her."

Montrose County Sheriffs Office via Facebook.

There's no question that Tigo has been a fantastic addition to the Montrose County Sheriff's Office and we offer our congratulations to Tigo and Sgt. Searcy. Unfortunately, Tigo is probably unaware of how special he is and the significance of the certificates that may now be hanging in his kennel.

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