Rock and roll musicians come and go, but this one was special. Paul Revere was a one-of-kind performer and entertainer, and his death leaves a huge hole in rock and roll.

I didn't know Paul Revere, but like anyone who has ever seen him in concert, it felt like I did.

Paul wasn't just a musician, he was an entertainer who had a way of drawing the audience in and making each person watching feel as though they were some long lost relative.

We had a chance to see Paul Revere and the Raiders in concert several years ago in Denver and were completely blown away.

We knew we had to see them again - and we did.

About five years ago we vacationed to Branson, Missouri, and with a host of shows to choose from, there was no question who we were going to see.

Paul Revere and the Raiders shared the bill with Bill Medley at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater, and we had great seats! I don't think we have ever enjoyed a show more than this one.

If you never got a chance to see Paul Revere in concert, check out this brief concert video to see how much fun Paul had performing.

The music was energetic and fun, all of the Raiders' hits, plus many other familiar rock and roll tunes. But, what made the show was the antics of Paul Revere on the keyboard, which was designed to look like the front of a car. Paul was funny and spontaneous, and he never stopped. We were smiling and laughing the entire time.

After the show, we stood in line to have our picture taken with Paul and Bill, and paid the 20 bucks for the photo. I introduced myself, and Paul responded with a big smile, and a firm handshake. It felt like we were old friends. I half way expected him to invite me to his house for dinner. We left with warm hearts, big smiles, and great memories.

News of Paul Revere's death left me feeling sad and empty. It did feel like losing an old friend. Besides that, who will carry on? It doesn't seem like we have performers and entertainers like him in rock and roll today, musicians who just like to have fun, without needing to be profane and vulgar.

He loved what he did, he loved  people, and loved to make people smile. Oh, and the music he created wasn't too shabby either.