Paul McCartney has just debuted the new video for 'Early Days,' the fifth single from 2013's 'New' LP.

The black-and-white clip, which you can watch above, uses iconography derived from the mid-century American South, and came together courtesy of director Vincent Haycock, who calls it "a poetic homage to the legendary beginnings of Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s relationship."

"The idea was inspired by the chance meeting in 1957 that would change Paul, John, George, and Ringo's lives forever," Haycock added in a press release. "Their story at its core is a universal one, two young kids who bond over their passion for music and form a band and friendship. This video is about them, and every band, and every kid who has suffered the ups and downs of starting a band, whether or not they became successful. The universality of their story was a big inspiration of setting the film in Mississippi during the '50s. This is a time period that inspired the Beatles -- American rock and roll and the Mississippi Delta blues of the '50s. 'Early Days' is about the spirit and inspiration young musicians find in each other."

While Haycock spent roughly a month working on the video, shooting on sets in Mississippi and Louisiana, McCartney's scenes were filmed over a two-day span in Los Angeles -- and culminated in a jam that included an appearance from McCartney's pal Johnny Depp.

"Paul’s scene was incredibly fun to create," Haycock said. "It was just him, some blues players and Johnny Depp jamming on set all day. Patti Smith also turned up on set and hung out, which made the crew very happy! One of my favorite days of filming ever."