In sports, you want to kill the opponent. But you don't really want to KILL them.

Check out this frightening video in which Brian Lake, who plays Australian League Football for Hawthorn, strangles Drew Petrie of North Melbourne.

It's clearly way past the point of acceptable play.

One of Lake's teammates blasted him for his antics:

We don’t condone anything like that. We want to play hard, physical football, but when it comes to that stage we don’t agree with that. Brian admits he made a mistake, he did the wrong thing in the heat of the moment and we’re very disappointed with what he did. But he’s owned up to it and he’ll move on."

Petrie, meanwhile, is ready to put the entire incident behind him. "I’m OK with it," he said. "(It’s a) physical game, things happen in games. We both got up and played on and no one was hurt...we managed to have a bit of a tussle there for a moment and got up and got on with the game."