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Ever since the pandemic started back in March it seems like everything we do and every decision we make is second-guessed or we have to revisit the decision due to COVID-19. I'm not a parent, never have been, so I couldn't even imagine the frustration that parents and teachers are going through as they try to navigate in-person or remote learning throughout this school year.

We know that things have gone back and forth, some Colorado school districts have done in-person most have offered remote learning to lower the spread of COVID-19. But according to KDVR, parents are getting tired of watching their kids struggle not only with their education but also the emotional and social aspects that being around peers can bring to kids on a daily basis.

There was a group of frustrated parents that organized outside of the state capitol on Monday urging Governor Polis to enforce state-wide CDC Close Contact Protocols, which would help bring more in-person education to Colorado students.

There were both teachers and parents that were part of the group on Monday and they don't believe that Governor Polis understands the difficulty of making remote learning work and be successful.

On the flip side, there have been many Colorado school districts that have seen COVID-19 outbreaks within the past few weeks, although most have been 10 or fewer cases. And as we have learned outbreaks that take place in schools are much more likely to take place at a high school instead of an elementary school.

No one is exactly sure how the rest of this school year will go, but it sure seems like parents would love to have in-person education return across the state of Colorado as quickly as possible.

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