There isn't a person in the world right now that isn't dealing with additional stress right now. Whether it is stressing the possibility of getting COVID-19 or the stress of being out of a job or maybe it's just the stress of so many businesses in our area struggling right now and the uncertainty is causing stress. There is no doubt about it, all anxiety levels are on high right now.

That's why when I received a note through our station app, I was completely blown away. When you submit a message or song request through our station app we get a little notification with very little information about who you are. But I know the message came in from Kate the Great (her nickname) and her email address was for District 51, so I know she works within the school district.

The first message was simple and said, "Can you play Leave The Night On by Sam Hunt please?"

Her second message said, "Also, Billy you’re my favorite DJ cause I’m a morning person too I’m not even trying to flatter you I’m dead serious."

I'm not sure Kate will ever understand how much that means to me. Waking up each morning and doing the morning show on 99.9 KEKB is a dream come true and something I don't take lightly. I try hard to inform and entertain each morning, some are better than others. But the ability to share information and serve my community (even playing your favorite song) is the best part of my job. So, to hear someone say they enjoy the work I put in, means so much to me.

Kate, you are great and thank you so much for completely changing my week for the better just by your short message. Just know that I will remember that for a long time.

Here was the exact message...

kate the great

It's amazing the power of positivity even when we are facing difficult situations and times.

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