Well, after 44 years, I'm pleased to announce I've finally gotten around to climbing Mt. Garfield. It's a little odd it took this long considering I was born in Grand Junction. In any case, I couldn't let 2014 come to a close without climbing our valley's icon. Does anything exist which you simply must get done before 2014 is over?

Perhaps there is a relative you've been meaning to call, but you keep putting it off and ultimately forgetting. Maybe you promised yourself you would join a health club. Perhaps a new craft or hobby.

With only days remaining in 2014, can you think of anything you meant to do this year, but have somehow forgotten? Please let us know by voting in the poll below.

In the event you don't see your forgotten agenda on the list, please write it in, and we'll add it. Who knows, you might be reminding somebody of what they meant to get done this year!