Only in Colorado is a phrase known to anyone who has lived or visited Colorado. Here are 11 prime examples of when to use this phrase.

Twitter users share the uniqueness of our state with their #OnlyInColorado hashtag.

1. Northern Lights add a beautiful element of surprise to the scenery of Grand Junction.

2. Coloradans love their bikes and THIS sounds fun! And potentially painful.

3. Bears bringing people together, one beer at a time.

4. Our state has photogenic wildlife.

5. Wait an hour, the weather will change.

6. Was it the chocolate or marijuana that hurt the dog?

7. Not many people can enjoy winter sports in the summer. Colorado can.

8. Transportation of choice- Subaru or horse??

9. April 20th in Colorado.

10. We thought this only happened in the movies. That's a long elevator ride.

11. Our weather might be weird, but it is wonderful.

All joking aside, we live in a beautiful state with so much variety. What is your #OnlyInColorado thought of the day?

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