This year one state has been on a roll with Lottery winners; West Virginia is number one with nine people hitting the Powerball lottery for at least one million bucks. That means for every 200,000 people in their state they have had one person win one million dollars. Those are not very poor win rates for the lottery.

Now the odds of winning are the same every where but it is interesting that a number of people have at least one a million bucks in West Virginia. If you know anyone in that part of the country you might want to give them a call and try to get them to send you a little luck.

West Virginia also has a number of jackpot winners with eight winning tickets being sold in their state. This just might be a karma thing as West Virginia has some of the lowest income in the country. So, if you want to win pack the bags and head to West Virginia. You better hurry the next Powerball drawing is on Wednesday for a jackpot of $192 million bucks.

I’m not moving to West Virginia but I will have my Powerball tickets and if I’m the big winner, my world tour will kick off this summer.

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