The past weekend was the second annual Oktoberfest Amped! in Grand Junction. Oktoberfest Amped! was a blast and here's the video to prove it.

With over 20 breweries and five bands, Oktoberfest Amped! this past Saturday (October 13) did not disappoint. As Wave 11 began playing the opening notes, the breweries tapped their kegs and the beer started flowing.

One of my first stops was Talbott's Cider because I love cider, and also because I just saw a couple drinking cider and I wanted some for myself. There were breweries from Montrose to Telluride at Oktoberfest Amped! and it was exciting to be able to try beers from all across Colorado.

I witnessed a lot of beer pouring and beer drinking at Oktoberfest Amped!. I even got to watch Susan from Steamworks Brewery in Durango tap a keg. (Well, another keg.) Susan is pro keg tapper because it took her a matter of seconds to tap it and pour the first beer to an eager beer drinker.

I loved seeing the Oktoberfest costumes this past weekend, even the crew from Colorado West Aerial Arts was all dressed up. I even learned something about drinking beer when you have a mustache. I asked someone if their mustache got in their way (2:05 in the video) and he said

"It filters the bubbles."

I guess mustaches are fashionable and efficient. I can't say I'll be rocking a mustache for Oktoberfest Amped! next year, but maybe one of those cute Oktoberfest costumes.

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