In March of 2018, Grand Junction's North Avenue it set to become University Boulevard - or is it?

The Grand Junction City Council voted on Wednesday to approve the name change of one of the city's main thoroughfares, and reaction on social media so far has been mixed. The name change was initiated by CMU20000, which also proposed changing 12th Street to Maverick Way.

Many comments on Facebook in opposition to the name change point to the expense that will be incurred by North Avenue businesses related to the name change. Some mention the historical significance of the street name and say it should go to a public vote.

The address of Colorado Mesa University is North Avenue, but some people are saying it would make more sense to rename 12th Street as University Boulevard since the school stretches along 12th Street.

Those in favor of the North Avenue name change say it sounds "professional" and will help "keep Grand Junction growing."

One of those in opposition to the name change is Mackenzie Dodge who has scheduled a meeting with the city attorney. She is hoping to obtain information on how this city council action can be contested and possibly have the issue put to a public vote. So, even though the Grand Junction City Council has made the decision, the residents of Grand Junction may try to get the final word.

Do you support the idea of changing North Avenue to University Boulevard? Do you agree with the people who say if there is a name change it should apply to 12th Street? Do you think it's a great idea? Is the city council just trying to be progressive?

It is possible we haven't heard the last of this. Take our poll below and tell us what you think.


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