A group calling itself "Keep North Avenue As Is" is continuing its organizational efforts this week with another public meeting.

The group, founded by Nancy Bennett, Trisa Mannion and Mackenzie Dodge is hoping their efforts will convince the Grand Junction City Council to reverse its decision to rename North Avenue as University Boulevard.

The name change is scheduled to take effect in March 2018.

The next public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 30 at 6:00 pm at the City Hall Auditorium at 250 N. 5th Street.

Organizers hope to have petitions available for supporters to take and gather signatures, and it sounds like they plan to canvass much of Grand Junction in efforts to gain signatures.

There will also be an opportunity for public comment at this meeting, so it's likely there will be speeches from both sides of the issue. If you have strong feelings about keeping North Avenue the way it is, you should be at this meeting.

There are definitely strong opinions about North Avenue, not only from business owners on this main thoroughfare but people who have been in Grand Junction for a number of years. The dialogue is great, I just hope that this doesn't get ugly. If you are going to speak up on the issue either at a meeting or on social media, please be respectful and decent.

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