A local group hoping to keep the North Avenue name change from happening is staging a North Avenue cruise and petition signing event.

The group Keep North Avenue 4 Ever is holding the event on September 16 in an effort to raise awareness of the name change, and to encourage residents to sign a petition against the name change.

The cruise is scheduled for 7 pm and organizers plan to be at the Eastgate Shopping Center with petitions available for people to sign who oppose the name change. Residents are also being encouraged to share stories of their history with North Avenue.

Will the signed petitions hold any weight with the Grand Junction City Council? The council voted to change North Avenue to University Boulevard beginning in March of next year.

On Wednesday of this week, several organizations and private business interests in the "University Boulevard Corridor" presented a check for $22,000 to the city of Grand Junction to help cover some of the projected costs associated with producing new signs reflecting the street name change. It looks like the council is moving forward as planned.

The community may be divided on the issue, but, ultimately, only time will tell if it really matters. But, if you oppose the North Avenue name change, you will want to be at this event.

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