A bear that spent the night plundering a Colorado home was euthanized after being deemed an "imminent threat" to the public.

You can see from the video the bear makes itself at home, going through the refrigerator, drawers, and cabinets -apparently scavenging for something good to eat like some leftover pot roast or fried chicken.

According to WCHS6, the bear spent about five hours inside the home before exiting out the front door, all the while the homeowner was asleep upstairs. We aren't exactly sure if he got a good meal out of it, but hopefully, he did, because it turned out to be his last.

I wish the story had a happy ending, but it doesn't. Bears don't know any better, but when they become involved this closely in the lives of humans, authorities really have no option other than to put the animal down. Human safety has to come first, and this apparently isn't this bear's first "human" offense.

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