If you've ever heard someone say they're as hungry as a bear you may get the chance to learn where that came from.

Colorado bears have awakened from their winter slumber and are well..hungry as a bear. While there are a number of natural foods available to them in the wild, a bear needing a meal will devour many human foods.

Hunger can make bears very unpredictable or even dangerous, especially if you're between them and something they think would be good to eat.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, have been monitoring bear activity and offer some excellent suggestions to keep bears eating what they're supposed to and keep you and your food safe.

If you live in an area where bears visit, don't leave food or trash around. Just the smell of food is an invitation for a meal and that includes pet food left out or not stored in a closed container. Also, keep the garage closed and make sure your home is secure.

While camping, keep food in tightly sealed containers. Bears have a great sense of smell, so even storing food in your vehicle can be risky. If a bear smells it, they won't think twice about breaking in to get it.

Just like homes, campsites should be kept clean and trash free. This is especially important when cooking. Clean pots, pans, dishes, cooking utensils, and grills used for outdoor cooking go a long way to keeping bears at bay.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has comprehensive information on their website to help keep you 'bear aware' this spring and all summer long. Take time to review it and you'll "bearly" know these beasts are around.

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