If  you are playing Pro Football Pick' Em, here's this week's Sure-Fire Picks to help you with your selections. After going 3-1 a week ago I'm 44-11 on the season, and this week I'm taking Seattle because right now they look absolutely unbeatable.

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The Cardinals have clinched a playoff spot and now have their eye on securing the #1 overall seed in the NFC. Not so fast. Not so fast!!! Seattle looks like they are peaking at just the right time, while Arizona is scratching and clawing to try and show they are a legitimate contender. With the questionable quarterback situation, I have almost zero faith in the Cardinals ability to win any game, let alone one against the defending champions.
My Prediction:Seahawks 31 | Cardinals 13

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Coming off an upset loss to Buffalo, the Packers are primed to bounce back in a big way against Tampa Bay. The Packers still have a chance at the number one seed, while the Buccaneers still have a chance at the #1 pick in next year's NFL draft. I cant' imagine the Packers winning by less than 20.
My Prediction: Packers 38 | Buccaneers 17

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The Ravens are in the thick of the playoff race, while the Texans are holding on to hopes by a thread. I think that thread snaps in two this week, and Houston can start looking to next season. I just can not in my wildest dreams picture a scenario where the Texans beat the Ravens. This feels like the surest of the sure this week.
My Prediction: Ravens 28 | Texans 17

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I was sure the Eagles would beat the Cowboys last week. What a disappointment! Will this week's sureness produce more disappointment? RG III gets the start this week for the 'Skins, which is going to be great news for one of these teams, I'm just not sure which one. I think it's good news for the Eagles so I take them this week and expect the dysfunction to continue on the Washington sidelines.
My Prediction: Eagles 34 | Redskins 20