The NFL's brightest current, former and future stars came out on Saturday night at the 2nd Annual National Football League Honors in New Orleans. Hollywood and NFL luminaries walked the red carpet at the Mahalia Jackson Theater before the signature event which honors the best players and performances during the 2012 season.

We were there for all the inside scoop before the big show. First up: Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker.

You had hoped to be here this week as a player with the Broncos, but as a fan how is it for you to be in New Orleans, a city that’s been through so much?

Eric Decker: There’s no better city to be in than New Orleans with the hospitality and the food and the great people and it’s very exciting. This is my first full Super Bowl I get to experience. There’s a lot of people that come out as far as players, fans and there’s a lot of events going on. It’s fun to celebrate with what New Orleans has been through and to have everybody here.

What’s the guilty pleasure song on your iPod?

Decker: 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' for serious.

On Sundays, what famous woman are you hoping is watching?

Decker: I know this is cliche, but my fiancée Jessie James.

What’s Jessie’s Sunday football game plan?

Decker: For home games, she’s in the stands. I always make fun of her. She’s got her popcorn and beer and a hot dog and she’s cheering loud. One thing that’s so awesome about her is how supportive she is. For the away trips, her and some friends get together, sit by the fire and watch the game.

What was your first big splurge purchase after you signed your NFL deal?

Decker: My first treat was a Chevy Tahoe 2009. Still have it, still drive it, still sporting it. That was a big day for me.

Your pick for the Super Bowl?

Decker: I’ve been saying Baltimore. I think it’s going to be a good game, but I’m going with the Ravens.


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