Recently, I had a chance to visit with Toto lead singer Joseph Williams, ahead of the bands' Grand Junction appearance.

Joseph Williams was not there in the very beginning, but was part of Toto in the late 1980's including the hit song Pamela and has spent a lot of years in the band. Toto brings two original members to the stage on their 40 Trips Around the Sun Tour including Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro. Original keyboardist David Paich is still with the band, but is not doing the current tour to focus on his health.

Even though Williams was not part of the original group,  he told me he was friends with the guys in the band before Toto ever came into being. When the band had an opening for a lead singer, Williams ended up being the choice.

In the interview above, Williams talks about how touring now compares to what it was like 30 years ago, and how audiences have changed. He's also very excited about the band's latest album 40 Trips Around the Sun, which includes 14 remastered classics like Africa, Hold the Line, I Won't Hold You Back, Rosanna and I'll Be Over You. The album also includes three newly recorded songs. There's also a new stand-alone album with 10 new songs called Old is New.

Toto appears in concert Saturday, August 11 at the Amphitheatre and Las Colonias Park in Grand Junction.

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