Weather forecasts are certainly not an exact science, but the latest weather projections indicate western Colorado may be in for a warmer, and potentially drier winter than normal.

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center has issued an updated winter forecast for the United States.

A La Nina watch was issued earlier this month, which forecasters say would indicate a drier, warmer winter for the southern U.S. However, they also say if La Nina materializes its effects would be " weak and short-lived."


The Northern Rockies and northern parts of the country may see wetter and cooler conditions December through February, while the central Rockies can expect warmer drier conditions. As far as precipitation is concerned, it looks like western Colorado could go either way.

For those who don't enjoy winter weather, it's potentially good news. But, western Colorado ski slopes are surely hoping the precipitation amounts will lean toward normal or above normal amounts. Warm and dry are not two words a ski resort wants to be hearing during the ski season.

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