Six months and nearly 100 degrees separate Grand Junction's hottest and coldest days of the year in 2020.

If history repeats itself,  the coldest day of 2021 may be happening next week. According to Weather Underground, Grand Junction saw single-digit temperatures only twice in 2020. On January 7 and February 5, Grand Junction's coldest temperature dipped down to 8 degrees.  I would have bet hard-earned money that we had more single-digit temperatures than just two.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Grand Junction's hottest temperature of the year. That happened on July 13 when the high temperature reached a blistering 104 degrees. (as my friends and family members in Arizona laugh and scoff at the notion that 104 degrees is "blistering.") And just to refresh your memory, we were over 100 degrees only four times in July and six times in August for a grand total of just 10 days where we saw triple-digit heat in Grand Junction. (again, I bear the ridicule of our sun-soaked neighbors to the south)

From one extreme to the other, 8 degrees to 104 degrees, Grand Junction has experienced a wide range of weather throughout the year, as usually is the case. But, the reality is, our share of extreme weather is typically pretty small. When it does get extremely cold in the Grand Valley, it usually doesn't last long. And while it wouldn't be unusual to have 50 or 60 consecutive days in the 90s during the summer months, those 100+ degree days actually aren't all that common.

The National Weather Service winter outlook is calling for slightly above normal temperatures for western Colorado this winter and near-normal precipitation. If that projection holds true, we could be in for a mild January and February and plenty of winter golf opportunities. However, we truly need the precipitation, so we would gladly welcome some regular snowfall over the next several weeks, and I truly hope all the skiers can enjoy exceptional conditions on the slopes this winter.

One thing we know for sure is that it would not be unusual for Grand Junction to experience the coldest temperatures of the year in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, your furnace is firing on all cylinders and your closet is full of turtlenecks and flannels.

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