It's widely been dismissed that you are more likely to catch a cold when it's cold. But, a new study indicates the 'old wives tale' you can catch a cold by being cold may actually have some truth to it.

A study done by Yale University scientists and published by Fox News, indicates the rhino-viruses which are responsible for the common cold, replicate faster in colder weather.

The study found even a slight change in temperature not only caused the viruses to grow faster, but slowed the body's response to the viruses, allowing them to replicate without the immune responding quickly enough to fight them.

The new study affirms another study done in 1960, but takes it further by identifying why the body's natural defenses fail to fight the virus early.

The study qualifies it's findings by stating simply being in the cold will not cause a person to get a cold. That person still has to be exposed to the rhino-viruses that cause the common cold.

Your best defense against colds is still common sense. Frequent hand washing and avoiding people who have a cold are two easy ways to avoid the viruses.

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