It seems as though once we get one fraudulent activity squashed, another jumps up to take its place.

Yet another phone fraud, this one beginning in the U.K., will most likely make its way across the pond, and Colorado always seems to be a hotbed for frauds such as these, possibly because we here in Colorado are such giving people.

This one centers on calls from a "police officer" stating that the credit card the person has was cloned or money has been removed from their account. The scam currently running has the "officer" ask for the bank information, and once given, money is being taken from those accounts.

  • NEVER give any bank or credit card information over the phone. Law enforcement will never ask you for that information.
  • Never disclose your PIN# to anyone. Ever.
  • If you suspect you're being frauded, hang up and call the police.

Keep in mind if you feel you have been exposed to fraud, contact your bank and make changes to the account so only you will have access. And again, never give out information over the phone or at your door.

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